Today’s (work)life expectations require all of us to take care of ourselves even more than before. As a company, we acknowledge that the happiness and wellbeing of our people are extremely important and we want to support that.


We want that all our employees can have a good balance between making an impact at work but also in their personal lives. We know that our people go the extra miles to achieve our common goals, so we also want to build an environment where they can reach their personal and also non-work-related goals. One action towards that is that we have launched a new practice in our organization. It’s called MyWeek.


What is MyWeek?

MyWeek aims to give extra energy to our employees. This happens by for example doing sports, relaxing, spending more time with their loved ones, studying new skills, travelling… It’s up to our employees themselves how they want to spend this week! All we want is that MyWeek is used to balance personal- and work life during the year and that it’s spent by doing something our employees wouldn’t do without having this extra week signed for their important life outside work!


Why we decided to create MyWeek practice?

Our values are win together, be curious and have courage. We believe that concentrating on fulfilling personal needs and individual happiness, builds our ability as a community to win together. This new practice will require courage and a leap of faith, but because we are really curious to see all the benefits we get out of it as individuals and as a community, we decided to just do it. For us, this is a way to live our purpose to enable smart choices in our daily lives.

We have a strong belief that this is a direction, where the work-life of knowledge-workers will and should move. For us, MyWeek is the next step towards a more sustainable and effective work-life of tomorrow.


Enna Kursukangas

Enna Kursukangas

People and Culture Director at Schibsted Suomi