Did you know that besides Schibsted trainee program, we also take local trainees every now and then! Here is one trainee experience written by our previous trainee Tuovi Hämäläinen. She worked as Customer Content trainee in our Oikotie Jobs employer branding team.


My journey to Schibsted

My journey at Schibsted began when I was still writing my master’s thesis. I thought that I will apply for some jobs afterwards, but as my good friend Sofia (working in Schibsted too) said that this trainee position would be perfect for me, I decided to apply. The applying process took its time. I had three different interviews and the idea behind these was that on the other hand I’ll get to know the firm and the team and on the other hand they get to know me. I guess the process went well because in the end got the job!


Starting the trainee period in the middle of a pandemic

I started my trainee period during the pandemic and therefore I got all my stuff delivered to my door. In the end, I ended up seeing our office in total two times during my trainee period. But anyway, everything went far better than I ever imagined. IT was helping with the devices all the time and my team took a lot of time for us to get to know each other. I loved to use Slack in internal communications. I always got help from my colleagues super quickly and I liked the team spirit of how we shared and celebrated our success and joys in our Slack workspaces. Those are the things you’d normally share at the office and in a situation as we had over the summer, it was even more important to share these moments with colleagues on another platform.

Studies and practice went hand in hand

My background for this position was, that I studied at LUT University with a master’s degree program in international marketing management. Now I’m happy to say, that I’ve graduated (unbelievable I know!) and at the same time learned a lot during my trainee period. A lot of theories, that I studied at the university were part of my daily life at work as well. I used Google Analytics, Business Manager, Google AdWords and many other marketing tools. I also got an opportunity to work with webinars and podcasts, where my strengths and interests are. As I was also interested in SEO, I was able to be part of the team that develop our websites to be even better for Google. So, all in all, I can say that people at Schibsted Suomi listened to what I wanted to do and offered a lot of opportunities to increase my skills and interests there.


Responsibility and opportunities given

I think it’s easy to understand how I’ve appreciated my time at Schibsted. I’ve been given my own responsibilities and my work has been valuable for the firm. At the same time, our work benefits are superb. I especially love our Apple products and licenses for example to LinkedIn Learning -platform. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the central location of our office…!

I’d conclude this writing so that, if you want to join the great company, that start every Monday morning with common get-togethers and you enjoy challenges and self-development I’d recommend you to keep up with the open positions of Schibsted Suomi! You can find these on the career page.

Tuovi Hämäläinen

Tuovi Hämäläinen

Our previous Customer Content Trainee at Schibsted Suomi