Last week, on a cloudy Thursday, we all gathered at a cozy conference center close to Oslo airport for the Nordic Marketplaces Kickoff. The whole area was reserved for our very own conference carrying the name ‘The Marketplace Experience – Impact’. It was the first time that we came together to meet our new colleagues and learn more about our new cross Nordic organization.


So, how did the event happen? Here are some of the highlights from the perspective of me, Han Nguyen, the current Student Ambassador at Schibsted in Finland.


After all had arrived we started with the main program, where we for example saw our vertical leaders costumed to superheroes explaining further what superpowers each of our verticals; Recommerce, Mobility, Real Estate and Jobs hold inside and what they’ve already achieved during these first months of 2023. We got to hear how our colleagues have experienced the atmosphere in our new organization and how the world is like without our impactful business, which we all find so meaningful.


Alongside talks on the stages we got to try out the different Marketplace Experience activities on the fair area. And even though we love so much to be winning together, the activities in the Marketplace Experience area included quite competitive spots such as ‘Human bingo’, or ‘Sales Funnel Game Show’ competed by carrying lots of popcorn from one to another to cheer up the team spirit! These activities were definitely a great way to both have fun and learn more about the values and purposes of each vertical and function we have!


Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces Kickoff activities


The First day ended on a high note with the dinner program. We got to hear more from the management team, had fun together with the minigames, enjoyed the amazing music show, and spent our energy at the after party!


Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces Kickoff


On the Second day, the focus was more on our culture and new values in the Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. While solving out the workshop on our team canvases, we got a chance to discuss cultural differences, our values, and how belonging feels to us so far in the new setup.


Schibsted Nordic Marketplace Kickoff


Being a Student Ambassador at the Nordic Marketplaces Kickoff was an exhilarating and rewarding experience. I was granted a unique opportunity to learn more of event management, gaining invaluable skills and knowledge, and relationships along the way.


The feeling of belonging and connection is visible, coming from all the aspects in the event. One of the most remarkable aspects of being a Student Ambassador is feeling the energy of everyone participating. From the first moment of the opening program to the last goodbye ending the second day, I can clearly feel the buzz of excitement and anticipation. 


As I navigate through the crowd, interact with the different activities, and make conversations with colleagues across the Nordic countries, I can’t help but be swept up in the positive energy that fills the air. The enthusiasm and engagement of the standing ovations for common achievements and common values has created a strong sense of community, bringing all employees in all countries together and creating a deeper sense of belonging, which is very important during an organizational change as now. 


Then, the next good thing from participating in this event was that I have a front-row seat to witness the dedication and meticulous planning put forth by the management team to organize this amazing experience. The opportunity to observe their expertise, professionalism, and commitment leaves a lasting impression. All the programs were well thought out and well executed. Engaging more than 1000 people all the time, and even holding a workshop for them sounded very challenging, but the event organizers had managed to! The management team was amazing with their talks and speeches, as they were genuine and showed great engagement and enthusiasm throughout. All the colleagues I have talked to at the event were strongly impressed by the management team and felt the same about the planning as I did.


Schibsted Nordic Marketplace Kickoff


Overall, Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces Kickoff was an extraordinary experience, especially for me. It provides me a platform for personal and professional growth, fostering a sense of belonging and connection with my colleagues. The energy and excitement from everyone, coupled with the opportunity to learn from the management team, create an unforgettable journey that leaves a lasting impact on my development. I feel lucky to learn from one of the best events I’ve ever been to!



Han Nguyen

Han Nguyen

Student Ambassador at Schibsted Suomi

Hi! I’m Han Nguyen. I started recently as Student Ambassador at Schibsted Suomi.