By 2035, we, in Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces, are making a real difference in the Nordics and in the world by making sustainable and circular consumption the obvious choice. To get us there, we are driven by our core values. Let’s have a closer look at them:


Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces values


Win together

We care about each other and value our differences, knowing that they make us stronger. Together we can make the impossible happen. We celebrate our wins and have fun as a team.

Be curious

We seek diverse perspectives, innovate through experimentation and always look for opportunities to grow. When we fail, we learn from it.

Be fearless

We are ready to do what is needed, even if it requires us to step out of our comfort zone. We say it as it is, always with respect.

Make a difference

We aim high and move fast to make an impact. We turn our passion into value for our users and customers.




Value-driven in our daily work


Values are a fundamental part of us and how we  work. They capture who we are, who we want to be, and what we value. They also challenge us. And that is how we find our way of doing things to make sure we deliver on our burning ambition to make the sustainable alternative the obvious choice by 2035. Quite inspiring, huh?

Bold words but how are our values reflected in our daily lives then? First of all, we’re all about winning together! We are convinced that by working together with other smart minds across the Nordics, we are able to exceed our customers’ wishes in the future as well. We are also encouraged to be fearless, try out and learn from both successes and mistakes. Making a difference is seen in the pace we push things forward and in our passion to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Curiosity is also a common trait of us all and not a week goes by without us digging deeper into a new market trend, further experimenting with possibilities of Artificial Intelligence or finding out the secret recipe of our colleague’s convincing pitching skills. Celebrating our collective achievements and growth as individuals are (obviously) part of the journey!


Which of our values do you match with the closest? You can find it out with our Schibsted Value game!


Henna Mäkiaho

Henna Mäkiaho

Head of Employer Branding at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces