It’s time to meet the second-ever Super-Superheroes of our community! If you happen to wonder that wait what, who were the first ones then, you can find them here!


At the end of the last year, the tradition of recognizing the ones that have gotten the most nominees during our Monthly Superhero polls continued and this time we were lucky to give special recognition to even four great employees of our community! 

So, let’s take a leap backwards and get to know these people by finding out their reflections on both what were those secret superpowers that lead them to this position of winning the award and what were their best memories of the past year of 2021!

Here they are – Meet Hawar, Dmitrii, Satu and Nicolas!


Hawar Superhero of Schibsted SuomiHawar – Onsite Support Technician at Schibsted Suomi

What has been your superpower throughout the way?  

There is one question that I have always asked myself: “What is one thing that you give out which reflects back to you and makes you feel much better?”

I have previously mentioned to my colleages that during my day I don’t feel as though I’m helping random people. Rather I see my coworkers and I as a big family which is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for anything. Showing respect to everyone around you, encountering them with a smile and a positive attitude (especially when you are having a hard time) is something that makes your and their day a lot more enjoyable. This is a superpower that should be used with a pure heart.

What has been your best work memory of the past year?

My overall work memory of the past year is the growth and the development of our organization on a daily basis. When looking back at this year on a wide scale, a lot of important milestones have been achieved.

A number of things have contributed to the growth of Schibsted Suomi yet I believe that the work atmosphere created by Schibsted Suomi outreaches them all. I cannot emphasise enough how much Schibsted Suomi leaves room for self-leadership and creativity to the Schibsted Suomi gang. In my view, this mentality of “show them the goal and watch how they reach it” has resulted in valuable ideas and solutions empowered by teamwork. One can not get tired of what they are doing while working in such a great environment.



Dmitrii Superhero of Schibsted SuomiDmitrii – Backend Engineer at Tori

What has been your superpower throughout the way?

I believe that this is a desire to understand the problem and minimize manual work.

What has been your best work memory of the past year?

I think this is the first day in the office, after almost 5 months of remote work. It seems that it was necessary for me to see the people you work with and meet new ones. It was such a warm welcome that it seems you’ve always worked here. The feeling of a team gives me the strength to work.




Satu Customer Support Schibsted Suomi employeerSatu – Customer Support Specialist in the Sales and Customer Operations Team

What has been your superpower throughout the way?

I’ve gotten a lot of new colleagues and a great supervisor, I’m happy about you all!

My superpower has been all the people I’ve been able to work with, you’ve helped me with problems, taught me new things, approached things from a different perspective, and shared everyday life with me. None of us could do this alone or could develop in our work without the support of other colleagues/supervisors. You could say we are all Superpower together!

What has been your work memory of the past year?

My best work memory is from the beginning of June this year, when I was able to join this top team at Schibsted Suomi and receive new workmates. In addition, I was also able to continue working with the wonderful people I have known for many years. I’m happy about you!



Nicolas CTO Schibsted employeesNicolas  – CTO at Schibsted Suomi

What has been your superpower throughout the way?

Empathy. In this “remote” world, empathy towards your colleagues but also towards yourself is essential. I strongly believe that listening, relating, understanding and supporting is the best way to create balance and meaning for your colleagues. It is reassuring and empowering at the same time.

What has been your best work memory of the past year?

Our office day in November has undoubtedly been the best moment for me. During this day there was so much energy and joy among us to finally be able to meet physically. At the time, I asked several people what kind of experience it has been for them to meet for the first time face-to-face with some colleagues that they’ve worked with for more than a year. Every time the answer has been the same: it went beyond their expectations !



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