I studied for a BA in Design in London and LA and worked in Hong Kong for a while. Now it seems like a faded memory. More recently 2015 I finished Web Designer studies of which I´m very proud. I have over 20 years of experience in hardware and construction businesses under my belt and I’ve also had my own Interior Design Company for 4 years. All this combined made me think Rakentaja could be ”the Place” to work. I joined this fabulous Rakentaja-team 2019. I am seriously counting my blessings.

In my work as an Omataloyhtiö.fi PO I’m in charge of the front page changing in due time. We produce content for Building Managers, Real Estate Management and Joint Owners. Basically anything to do with Housing Companies and Facility Management. Our most popular column is ”Ask the Lawyer”, which deals with everyday problems of living in a Housing Company.

I also write articles (produce content) for my clients to Rakentaja.fi and RakentajaPRO.fi about building materials, building construction, interior designing and materials. I write to Puutarha.net too about all the things gardening. I am one of the eight of our fabulous editorial team. Yes, this work requires a bit of knowledge about the business and materials, but most of all this requires knowledge of what information the readers are looking for and what they expect to get.  Are you our subscriber yet? Because you should be!

The best thing in Schibsted is its community and workmates. You are welcome to join any conversation and your opinion is accepted and valued.  There is no issue so small you couldn’t ask for help. Everyone is approachable and always willing to help out. We have people working in Pori and in Helsinki and I believe this Corona-time has knitted us, on Schibsted Finland level, even closer due to all the meetings online. It has enabled us to meet on a weekly basis and get to know each other, despite the distance.

In my free time I play the flute and do a lot of DIY, gardening and any kind of household renovations. Traveling is very close to my heart and I shall pick up from where we left, when this pandemic is over. But my most important task is this life has been raising my son to be the man he is.

So this is us in Schibsted – ordinary but extraordinary!